Review- Think Straight

Title- Think Straight

Author- Darius Foroux

Pages- 92

Genre- Self help, pragmatism

.My rating- 3.5/5



.There are so many life coach around but few have talent of making things simple enough for any naive reader to get deep points of philosophy.

You tend to see new cover and same old concepts presented in a new way, frequently garnished with famous quotes and frequent repetition.
Power of this work is its simplicity.
No hi fi quotes or jargon or research or big scientists in it.
Just sit down one evening with some caffeine, for few useful insights.
.Book is fast, practical and upto the point and tries to cover many aspects of modern life.
But I regret saying it, books lacks originality.
As author himself says he has learned things especially about pragmatism and he is sharing them in concise manner.
It has ideas from buddhism, kahneman, steve jobs, cognitive bias, robin sharma and many many other self help ideas.
It is like putting all wisdoms in a mixture grinder and producing a nice shake as a result.
You will find few familiar things amobgst many new and useful information.
Overall a decent self help book.
Not necessarily original. But can be helpful.




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