Review- The obstacle is the way

Title- The obstacle is the way

Author- Ryan Holiday

Publisher- Profile books

Pages- 224

Genre- Self help

My rating- 4/5



“The only truth is obstacles. There are more mountains behind the mountain.”



Their are few books which are so concise, so relevant, so informative and so enjoyable.
.Book delivers wisdom of stoicism to help fight hurdles of life.


It is full of very interesting stories about great people who came out victorious against all odds and proved that even in most dark times there is is still something one can do.


Few tales are well known like of Steve jobs, viktor frankl, Obama but most of the events were new and very interesting.
There is no repetition or useless hypothesis.


Just small crunchy chapters to deliver the message.
Formatting is nice with division of concept into three main parts labelled as Perception, action and will.

.Marcus Aurelius is the main source of this wisdom along with Seneca.
Every chspter starts with a story which acts as a glue to keep reader hooked..

At the end other sources to learn about stoicism are given with list of great people who got inspiration from it.
This is recommended for everyone who wants to embrace stoic philosophy for life.





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